4/10/17 - 4/11/17

We got up a little later than we had hoped. We were super excited for this trip for several reasons. One was that this was my first time camping since high school and I couldn't wait to sleep out in the woods. Another was that we hadn't been been hiking together in a while since the weather had been too cold and this was the first opportunity we had since the weather started to warm up. Neither of us had ever been to Ohio before this either so it was neat to see what it was like there. It was a last chance to be together, just us two, for a while. But none of these reasons compared to the main reason we were excited. The whole reason we chose Ohio as our destination...

The hike we chose to do was Archer's Fork Trail in Wayne National Forest. Overall we hiked 5.5 miles to get to our campsite. It wasn't a super strenuous hike and there were a few scenic spots along the way. The hike features a cave and also a natural bridge, as well as a couple streams of water we had to cross along the way.

Waking up in the morning wasn't as hard as we thought. Neither was the hike back to the car. We were just both so excited that this day was actually here. I say that...but I did almost break my trekking pole in half after a really long uphill climb right at the end of the trail. One thing that we definitely were feeling other than excited at that time was hungry. Once we got to the car and on the road we actually didn't have any service for miles. We also didn't have any gas...so that was an adventure. But we finally made it to a gas station and some service after asking several very nice people for directions.

We researched some places to eat in Columbus, Ohio and came across this really great brunch spot right next to the Ohio State Campus called Hang Over Easy. This place was packed. We were lucky enough to snag an open table without a wait. It had a really cool vintage feel but with a modern twist. Definitely recommend stopping there if you're ever in the area!

Then it came time for the moment we had been waiting for! At this point in time I forgot to take pictures because I was just too excited and emotional. We arrived at the breeders house around 2:45 pm and were overwhelmed with joy to meet our puppy. We are so grateful to the family we received him from and can't thank them enough for their generosity and welcoming us to their home. When Billy picked up Dayo he knew right away he was the puppy we had been dreaming of and I couldn't have agreed more. So within minutes we took him with us and headed home to VA. But not without first stopping to take some pictures at a nearby park.

Dayo is a purebread Australian Shepherd. We got him right as he was about to turn eight weeks old. He is full of energy but also loves to cuddle and actually is not a huge fan of taking pictures ironically. We love him and are absolutely glad we made the 8 hour drive to go get him.

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