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Hi there! I'm Kelsey!

I am not one for talking about myself a lot but I'll give it a shot. I am a photographer based in Fredericksburg, VA. My love for photography originates from my love of art. I've always been interested in Fine Art. Everything from woodworking to oil painting peaks my interest. From a young age I found myself drawn to people as my subject. I picked up a little point and shoot camera in middle school and started to photograph my little sister, who was 10 years younger than me and cute as could be. I was hooked ever since. My parents bought me my first DSLR camera as a Christmas gift and I ran with it. I started out at Longwood University where I studied business for a short period of time and switched to a Fine Art major. I soon after transferred to Virginia Tech to complete my final two years of college to earn my Bachelor's of Fine Art.  
My whole life I have been a hopeless romantic. It has been my biggest strength as well as my biggest weakness at times but has brought me to where I am today. The combination of my belief in love and my passion for photography has lead me to photograph the beautiful emotions and moments of engagements and weddings. Capturing love in all its forms through photography truly wakes me up in the morning and also keeps me working late at night.
I love to travel to new places as well as familiar places. At the same time I can be a complete home body and not want to leave my couch. I'm always up for any excuse to try a new restaurant or grab a cup of coffee. So feel free to make your way to the contact page! I'd love to sit down for a cup of coffee sometime!